Black Belt Grading Application

Please make sure you have met the Grading Requirements as set out in your Licence Book and latest Black Belt pass letter if applicable.

Please ensure you have also sent us the following with your application:

Grading FeePayable by Bank Transfer only
If attempting 1st Dan: £165
1st – 3rd Star: £30
2nd Dan: £165 *
3rd Dan: £175 *
4th Dan: £205
5th Dan: £235

* If you are applying for a Dan Promotion (e.g. 2nd Dan) and have completed one or more Star Gradings since your last Dan Promotion we can apply for a deduction to your grading cost of £25 per Star Grading. Please select from the list below and pay the fee listed above as normal. We will then refund you the deducted amount once the application has been accepted.

Passport Photo1 recently taken passport style photo with plain background to be emailed. Please ensure it is emailed as an image file; we cannot upload a Word Document or PDF etc.

Essay If attempting 1st Dan: 500 words on “Why I Want To Be A Black Belt“, for all other Dan Grades 500 words on “Why I Deserve This Promotion“. Please submit as an attached Word Document and ensure you include the title along with your name, grade, Club and Instructor. N/A to Star Grades

Black Belt Licence Book These now need to be submitted by you at the official Pre-Grading (for Star Graders the actual Star Grading) so please ensure your licence slip is up-to-date and your book is with you at the listed event. N/A to 1st Kup attempting 1st Dan.

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