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Welcome to our Student Flashcards! Below you will find a variety of flashcard sets to aid you in learning your pattern meanings and Korean. Ready to test your knowledge? Why not try our Student Quizzes.

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Colour Belt Flashcards (10th – 3rd Kup)

Sets of online flashcards suitable for students from white belt to red tag. Great for learning new theory but won’t recap previous grades. To revise previous grades either visit each grade individually or work up to your grade in the comprehensive Red Belt sets.

10th Kup – White Belt
10th Kup Theory Flashcards

9th Kup – White Belt Yellow Tag
9th Kup Theory Flashcards

9th Kup – Chon Ji

8th Kup – Yellow Belt
8th Kup Theory Flashcards

8th Kup – Dan Gun

7th Kup – Yellow Belt Green Tag
7th Kup Theory Flashcards

7th Kup – Do San

6th Kup – Green Belt
6th Kup Theory Flashcards

6th Kup – Won Hyo

5th Kup – Green Belt Blue Tag
5th Kup Theory Flashcards

5th Kup – Yul Gok

4th Kup – Blue Belt
4th Kup Theory Flashcards

4th Kup – Joong Gun

3rd Kup – Blue Belt Red Tag
3rd Kup Theory Flashcards

3rd Kup – Toi Gye

Red Belt Flashcards (2nd – 1st Kup)

Short flashcard sets containing new theory for your grade.

2nd Kup Theory Flashcards

2nd Kup – Hwa Rang

1st Kup Theory Flashcards

1st Kup Choong Moo

Comprehensive flashcard sets covering all theory from white belt to black tag.

Basics Flashcards
General Terms Flashcards
Body Parts Flashcards
Stances Flashcards
Blocks Flashcards
Hand Attacks Flashcards
Kicks Flashcards
Coloured Belt Pattern Flashcards

Image flashcards to help you learn and revise body parts.

Image flashcards to help you learn and revise pattern meanings.

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